Spa Jardin Staff

Lisa Scaglione

Spa Manager

I have been with Spa Jardin for 5 years, and learn something new every day. Being a part of the best in the spa business is such an uplifting experience, it makes the job highly enjoyable and effortless, allowing me to focus on the client's every need and overall detailed experience which is what we not only strive for, but are well known for.

Krissy Abreau

licensed esthetician

I have been in the Skin Care business for almost 10 years. Working at Spa Jardin has really given me the opportunity to grow as an Aesthetician. I love taking care of my clients and anticipating their every need and want before they even realize it. I LOVE the fullfilment and satisfaction it brings me to touch someone's life in such a positive way . It may just be an eyebrow wax to someone but to me it is framing a face...... It may just be a peel or extraction but to me its making the skin look cleansed, healthy and revitalized. Every day is a chance to improve, enhance and further my technique in order to achieve my client's goals for their skin.

Karen Vest

licensed esthetician

My focus towards skincare inside out. My belief is that good diet and proper hydration, as well as home care with the right products can keep the skin supple and maintaining its integrity. I treat each client according to their specific needs, knowing that lifestyle, hormones and stress can cause rapid changes to their skin's condition. I use this information in all applications of my clients' treatments and their home care. It's about being progressive, not aggressive in the quest for healthy, radiant skin.

Melissa Rubio

full specialist

I entered the aesthetics world ten years ago with the goal of helping people feel good inside and out. I have found that sometimes it is the simplest things that bring a sense of inner well being, such as a brow wax, brightening peel or our signature "Hydraquench" facial.

Dawn Harvey

licensed nail specialist

I was brought on as Spa Jardin's first employee in 1999. I have over 15 years experience as a nail specialist. I love what I do and love meeting new people. Some of my clients have been with me for over 12 years. What I love about my job is that the clients want to be there in your hands. They know that I will pamper them and make them even more beautiful.