Spa Jardin




A Career at Spa Jardin is so much more than a job….it's an experience!

At Spa Jardin, we offer a unique workplace that is as exciting, rewarding and diverse as the products and services that we offer. Founded in 1999, Spa Jardin has blossomed into nationally recognized company, with exceptional standards and goals. At Spa Jardin, what is important to us now, has been with us since the beginning, outstanding customer service. The ability to go above and beyond our client's expectations, making for sure every moment spent with us is inviting, informative and memorable.

Coaching & Training

Spa Jardin offers extensive one on one training in preparation for becoming a sales associate or service operator. This training will familiarize you with product details, computer functions , and suggestions for handling various situations. We take pride in this time to acquaint you with all things Spa Jardin. We always intend to exceed our customer's expectations by providing consistent, unparalleled service . We feel that knowledge and continued education is the key to our success. We make it a point stay current on products and trends pertaining to the beauty/ spa industry.

If you are…a sales-savvy, confident individual, and a team player with an upbeat personality, fast learner with a passion for all things spa, we would love to hear from you.

Individuals that are self-motivated with good attention to detail please send you resume and cover letter including; work history, references, and hobbies. To